About Conference

Sparks Innovation In Graphic Design and Media Industry
Led by the International Trainer and Adobe Creative Ambassador Medhat Eid

Adobe Inspire ME Creativity Conference is one of the greatest platforms in the world for designers, developers, video professionals, photographers, specialists in social networking sites, engineers of various fields, and others who are interested to come all together in one formidable event to exchange ideas and have outstanding networking opportunities in this wonderful environment.

Adobe Inspire ME offers workshops, discussions, and presentations on success stories in the field of graphic design as well as a review of the latest developments in graphic design programs, technologies, techniques, and strategies for delivering the best creative work.

As an international conference, conducted for the Medial East zone; it always had been held in Jordan – Palestine, and Saudi Arabia – organized by the International Trainer and Adobe Creative Ambassador Medhat Eid,
who stemmed from the Adobe conference “MAX”, which hold in the United States.

In 2023 Adobe Inspire ME will be conducted in OMAN for the first time, where Adobe was pleased to give such an opportunity to the OMAN community to host this international event and be the core rostrum for all creative minds around the Arab world to attend and share their skills, experiences, and ideas with interested people.

Target Audience

▶ Ministries, Government Organizations, and Associations.
▶ Semi-Government Organizations and Companies.

▶ Graphic Design and Advertising Agencies
▶ Social Media and Marketing Agencies
▶ Teaching staff – Public and Private Universities
▶ Universities Students
▶ Banks and Banking institutions
▶ Printing Sector
▶ Training Centers and Institutes


Who Will Attend

▶ Graphic, web, and Multidisciplinary Designer
▶ Art or Creative Directors
▶ Video – Film – Motion Graphics – Pro Photographer
▶ 2D – 3D Designers
▶ Interior Designers
▶ Commercial Printing Presses – Offset and Digital
▶ Security Printing Interested
▶ Adobe Creative Cloud Users
▶ User Experience UX – User Interface UI Designers
▶ Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Interested
▶ The New Metaverse World Interested
▶ Tech or Business Strategist
▶ Marketing Managers
▶ Social Media Designers
▶ University & College Students  IT & Multimedia & Marketing
▶ Anyone interested in Adobe Products

Opening Keynote KSA Conference Video

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