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OMAN 2023 Sparks Innovation In Graphic Design and Media Industry, Led by the International Trainer and Adobe Creative Ambassador
Medhat Eid 


Adobe Inspire ME Creativity Conference is one of the greatest platforms in the world for designers, developers, video professionals, photographers, specialists in social networking sites, engineers of various fields, and others who are interested to come all together in one formidable event to exchange ideas and have outstanding networking opportunities in this wonderful environment.



OMAN - MUSCAT 26-28 February 2023


Muscat, Oman


Medhat Eid
keynote speaker

Background and Needs

Nowadays, the OMAN community has a notable focus on graphic design as business services or freelance work, also most youth has a considerable passion to master that science and being more engaged in this industry, however, we still far away from what is the newest services that Adobe release to the world!

Gathering experts and specialists on a larger scale from all Arab countries will shed the light on innovation techniques in graphic design and introduce audiences to Adobe’s latest technologies which will enable OMAN youth designers to:
▶ Absorb knowledge – inspiration from experienced designers
▶ Get live communication with experts
▶ Getting live feedback on design portfolios
▶ Set new business contacts in the design sphere
▶ Interact with Adobe services

Bringing all more than 500 creative participants together in one striking event in OMAN will make it the springboard for more design innovation in the future.
Enduring OMAN such an opportunity to host this international event will express a lot of new business opportunities for current companies and people, moreover, it will give the community a wonderful chance to more prosper and engage with new minds from different societies and backgrounds, unquestionably it’s will upgrade OMAN’s economic chances in the region where the first company in the world of graphic designs conducting it’s an annual marvelous event here in OMAN.

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The Venue

Ministry of Defence Pension Fund – Muscat Oman – Main Theatre

The hall can accommodate more than 500 people and contains the highest levels of projection equipment and places designated for sponsors’ activities outside the hall.

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